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Altside Scout District Activity Day

Updated: Apr 22

Batala Mersey were delighted to be invited to Altside Scout District Activity Day on Sunday 21st April 2024.

St George's Day is a key date in the Scouting calendar. Scouting groups from across South Sefton united to enjoy a day filled with activities that were varied and breaking into new territory for them.

An action packed itinerary boasted fairground rides, a water zone, a climbing wall, bushcraft, shooting practise, crafts, tuck shop and cafe.

In addition, awards were presented for outstanding achievements, badges were won for every new skill that was mastered during the day and every young person renewed their promise to dedicate another year to their Scouting membership.

Rhythm Workshops

Batala Mersey's role was to facilitate 2 hours of mini workshops to teach a simple drumming rhythm to the children, where they would join us in a grand finale performance to close out the day.

Altside Scouts Performing Batala Hey!

A fantastic turnout of 649 Scouts, Beavers, Cubs and Squirrels made for a thriving hub of activity, joy and enthusiasm. As soon as we arrived, budding drummers joined our workshops throughout the afternoon and learned the opening phrase of Batala Hey! complete with arm movements and wiggle! Even some of the adults got to play!

The Grand Finale

After putting in lots of energy practising the beats on upturned buckets, plastic barrels (and we even spotted a toilet seat!) we united at the end of the day for an electric crescendo performing to proud parents and leaders.

Batala Badges

Members of the band got a titillating surprise when they were told that the 'water zone' was in fact the canal complete with canoes and life jackets. Not deterred by being kitted out in full costume, 10 of our braver comrades set sail dodging barges, shrubbery and Scouts playing water polo, providing the rest of us with the opportunity to take the mick!

OK, they didn't get official scouting badges but they had fun nonetheless!

Below are some images of our canoeing heroes, especially Pat who has found her true calling!


We extend a huge thank you to the organisers for inviting us and providing us with so much fun and a wonderful addition of 649 players to close proceedings.

Also a huge thank you to our very own Sandra and Chris for organising us and the structure of the workshops. Also to Jo and David our energetic callers, and also to Jo, David, Chris and Hels for leading the workshops. Grateful thanks to Chel and Robby for the refreshments.

Videos and group images courtesy of Ian Anderson.

Batala Hey!

Testimonial from the organisers

"The day went so well, and the band were amazing and feedback has been 100% amazing.

The idea of the band and then what it turned out like was beyond my expectations, and can't thank Chris and the all the team enough.

The young people absolutely loved it, as too, all the Leaders who got their Samba vibe going. "



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