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Birthday Honours for Nanny Rose

For the last 4 years, Batala Mersey have had the honour of helping 'Nanny Rose' celebrate her birthday, performing at her care home. An event that Rose absolutely adores and the residents and community also embrace.

It all started when Rose turned 100. Her granddaughter, Caroline is a member of Batala Mersey and asked if we would mark her centenary with a celebratory gig. The first of its kind, we were thrilled to be asked and accepted. Rose was proud to finally watch Caroline perform, whilst enjoying the music and the joy that it was bringing to all her friends and the staff.

Batala Mersey have returned each year since, as Rose turned 101, 102 and now this year a fabulous 103!!

Rose is now an honorary member of the band. She also inspired a member of staff, Jane who has also recently joined the band and who also played, this being her first gig. The power of the drum, truly uniting the community.

A young lady around 7 years old also joined in with us and within minutes of playing on David's drum, promoted herself to caller. A future drummer is born!

Images below show Caroline, Rose's granddaughter performing and later presenting her with a cake, along with Jane and other staff members from Brown Edge Care Home.

Rose's special celebration was even featured in the local press. Here is an excerpt courtesy of St Helens Star

"Rose Howard is due to celebrate her 103rd birthday this weekend and she says the secret to her long and happy life is 'hard work' and 'family'. "

The article also featured some of the amazing experiences and achievements of her life.

Rose married, had twin daughters and now has 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Rose's highlights have included flying on Concorde and staying at the Waldorf Astoria In New York before returning on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship. Rose also celebrated 52 years of marriage.

Rose celebrates post performance with the band and her beautiful cake

We were all blessed as there was a weather warning for torrential rain and thunder which refused to appear and the sun shone as we all played and danced and chatted with Nanny and the wider community.

Thank you Rose for giving us the opportunity to be part of such a special day.


Thank you to Caroline Phillips for organising the event and to the staff and residents of Brown Edge Care Home, Thatto Heath for your hospitality.

Thank you to the Brown Edge pub for their patience, the use of their car park and a fine Sunday Roast post gig.

Thank you to John Phillips for providing the images

Thank you to the St Helens Star


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